What We Do

Experts in People in Architecture

Our main focus at Maven is to create linkages in the Architecture & Design industry. Whether these connections are between individuals or companies, we strive to bring people together who have a compatible future direction and shared values. Successful links happen when the parties are aspirationally aligned.

We create industry links in the following ways

Senior Leadership Search is a service we offer to clients who have either a sector specific or a business related role they wish to fill.  This process seeks out candidates who are active, non-active and passive, so that clients can be absolutely confident that they are presented with the best available talent in the market. We know that your leadership requirements are unique – whether you need a sector specialist, design guru or business development leader. So each client search is customised. Our process involves a five-stage clearpath methodology and understanding of your practice to pinpoint and attract the finest individuals.

We clearly define the type of leader your business needs against our proprietary ‘Leadership Core Competency Assessment’, while also creating a compelling and attractive offer outlining your firm and available leadership position.

Finally, we use our network reach and profiling science to uncover, filter and then present you with a shortlist of the best-fit leaders and, acting as an extension of your firm, we pitch your opportunity to your targeted candidate. The result – for each and every client– is successful long-term engagement of the right leaders, enabling you to achieve your business vision. Not all senior roles are conducive to ‘Search’ however if you would like to learn more about our process get in touch.

Not all opportunities are advertised

Most of the conversations we have in the architecture and design industry are at the owner or director level.  These discussions are often strategic, involving the future direction of an organisation in the medium-long term.  This gives us a unique insight where we can pair people to opportunities that will create lasting linkages.

We consult to you as much as we consult to organisations.  We explore with you all the different types of career opportunities and the advantages and negatives across the different types of organisations.   From boutique design firms, to single-state, to national, and large multi-nationals, when we make confidential introductions to firms on your behalf it’s because we believe your skills and aspirations share a compatible direction.

Rarely do careers track in a straight line.  People travel, take career breaks, or experiment with something new.  Sometimes people find themselves in companies with limited career options, with a boss they don’t like, or in a company that is not culturally compatible.  Often things just change, we change.  Whatever your current circumstance or moment in your career we can talk you through the best options in the current market to suit where your life is currently and where you want to take your career.

Starting a conversation doesn’t mean you are actively on the recruitment market, but it does mean you’re taking an active interest in your medium to long-term career direction.  Whether it is an exploratory chat or a more proactive step we are happy to hear from you.

Identifying the next generation of leaders destined to shape the fortunes  of practices and the future architectural landscape is one of our specialties. It demands meticulous profiling of emerging leaders, and then connecting them with studios that have the projects, structure and culture to align with their passion and vision.  This ensures we connect our clients with skilled Architects and Interior Designers that can take the project lead and inspire internal teams to rise to the next level.

We assist our clients to appoint;

  • Senior Project Leaders
  • Senior Team Leaders
  • Design Leaders
  • Senior Interior Design Leaders
  • Studio Leaders
  • Operations & HR Leaders
  • Business Development Leaders
  • Marketing Leaders

Because of our unique dialogue with business owners across the industry we are increasingly being approached to assist with mergers, acquisitions and divestments.  Our understanding of organisations’ aspirations allows us to make complementary introductions to facilitate organisational change.  Often a new leader is not enough to achieve real growth or sector dominance. Merging or acquiring a business can achieve the critical mass or creative accelerant.

Globally we are exposed to numerous practices, sharing intimate knowledge about their future ambitions. Leveraging these connections we spot synergies between firms, seek out and bring opportunities to life. While always respecting the absolute confidentiality and trust placed in us, we facilitate mergers and acquisitions for our clients, applying the same rigorous research processes we use in searches to identify the most suitable partnerships and provide advice on the new leadership structure.

Our interest is proactive and motivated by our desire to go beyond being a service provider, acting as an extension of our client’s team and a catalyst for your business transformation. Over the past five years we have facilitated a number of successful mergers and acquisitions. Maven is in continual dialogue with a range of firms at the strategic level and has active and passive assignments on both the buy and sell side.  If this is something you would like to explore further please contact Dean Dewhirst.